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e-Newsletter Design & Distribution


We do it all for you from designing to e-mail distribution. We can handle any size mailing list. Let us know the details of what you need to communicate and we'll do the rest. Trust the service that has sent over 78 million mailings for our clients.  Is this something you need?  Email or Call (808-551-4332) us.

Social Media Management


It's really about how many hours there are in a day for you. We can manage and post daily information that will attract readers and buyers. We'll collaborate with you so we know exactly how and what you want us to post for you. And, if someone has a complaint or suggestion for improvement for you, we'll pass it on and even reply on your behalf if you like. How could it be any easier? Email or Call (808-551-4332) us.

WordPress Site Management


Over 25% of all websites are now created with WordPress. We have the latest tools,  knowledge and expertise to get your site up and running. We also offer a time saving monthly maintenance and update service. Have a concept in mind or need a maintenance and update service? Email or Call (808-551-4332) us.

Our Story, Skills & Expertise

We started in 2002 providing e-newsletter and mailing services for Dr. John McDougall.  At first Dr. McDougall had 1,200 subscribers on his mailing list.  Now that list has grown to over 66,000 and we mail at least 3 times each week and sometimes 4.

To date, we have sent over 78,000,000 mailings for our clients.  Along the way, clients have asked us to help with their WordPress websites and we have learned WordPress skills in doing so. Finally with Social Media we have become skilled at regularly delivering planned and targeted posts to Facebook to help keep users and clients informed.

We never take on more than we can handle and now we have room to take on additional clients.  Please reach out to us if you have need for all of our services or just one or two.  We're here for you.




John McDougall, MD

Neal Hendrickson has been key to the success of the McDougall Program. He has been there for me to meet hurried deadlines and produced product that has literally changed the world.

— John McDougall, MD

We can provide everything you need to create a dynamic web presence: a beautiful website plus social media and online newsletters to keep you connected to your clients, customers and users.