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Let us manage your online marketing, e-newsletters, or e-announcements for you!

Keeping your customers or clients informed about your business services and products is very important. Starting and consistently offering a monthly or quarterly e-mail newsletter is smart business strategy. Your online newsletter must be a professional looking e-mail that your customers can opt out of at any time. Your e-newsletter is not spam because your customers will sign up to receive it right from your website. We manage your e-mail list for you and you can have as many mailing lists as you would like with as many e-mail addresses as you like.

You can't beat online newsletters and e-announcements for staying in touch with your customers or potential customers!  Your subscribers will receive your newsletter only because they signed up to receive it! Your customers will be able to cancel their subscription any time by "opting out" at the bottom of every newsletter sent out.

Our Deliverables - Service is Our Difference

  • Collaboration - Dependable interaction with you by e-mail or phone through the design of each online mailing - We actually do the design work with your input.  We also do the sending of your mailing and manage your e-mail marketing list.  Just tell us what you have in mind and we do the rest.  Our goal is that you will have a successful e-mail marketing campaign by reaching as many of your subscribers as possible.

  • Accuracy - Nothing goes out to your email marketing list without your final approval. 

  • Successful Delivery - We optimize and monitor delivery of email to your subscribers. 

  • Ease - Our process couldn't be easier.  We'll never give you a template and expect you to use an automated system like other e-mail marketing companies.  We do the work and you tell us what changes or corrections you want before the mailing goes out.

  • Economical - Free hosting of your email marketing subscriber list and compare our costs to direct mail, television, radio, newspaper, or magazine ads.  You will be pleased to find e-mail marketing costs are a fraction of the cost.

  • Clean List - Bounce management is a part of our service - removal of addresses which are unknown or consistently undeliverable.

  • Free Unsubscribe Service - We set-up of fast click unsubscription processing for each email marketing mailing you ask us to do.

  • Free Subscription Service - We set-up and process fast click subscription processing from your website or from other customer contact points.

  • Subscriber List Security - Your email marketing list remains your property - never sold and never used by others.

Consider us your online marketing, e-newsletter, and e-announcement IT staff.  Phone or e-mail me today for answers to your e-newsletter questions.

Call or E-mail today.   808-551-4332 or nealh@bestnewslettersonline.com


We will create your professional e-newsletter with our design expertise and include your design ideas as well.

  • No need to know html.

  • E-mail us your newsletter content and we do the layout, design, and e-mailing.

  • Tell us the design style you would like to have or ask us to design it from scratch.

  • Un-subscribe instructions included in every mailing.

  • Preview of your newsletter sent to you for approval before it is sent to your readers.

  • Text e-mail sent to readers who cannot read HTML newsletters.

  • Testing of newsletter readability with major e-mail systems before e-mailing: AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

Automated sign-ups, information collection and list management

  • Easy customer sign-up from web site form on your web page or one we set up for you.

  • We maintain the database for you and send you copies on a regular basis.

  • Import your current customer database into the system.  Just send it to us by e-mail.

  • Opt-in and opt-out subscriptions handled with ease.

  • Non-valid e-mail addresses and cancellation process automated.

  • Unlimited auto response mailings for automated follow-ups available



For more information e-mail nealh@bestnewslettersonline.com
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